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We can help your business ensure the Critical Services and Facilities it relies upon or needs into the future are dependable and reliable by offering:

Frames engineering capability and critical infrastructure business offers turnkey services to the ICT, Finance, Health, Education, Transport, Defence and Construction sectors. We have a focus on high reliability Data Centres where our innovation is proven over years of experience in many projects.

We have Uptime Institute Accredited designers for the design, specification and implementation of Tier rated Data Centre facilities on our staff.

Our team will deliver these services reliably however, we also have a prequalified group of partner resources to assemble the best, most cost-effective team and provide single point accountability to complex projects.

Uniquely, we are able to offer any level of collaboration with your incumbent teams as required for effective and result driven outcomes.

We can also leverage other Frame Group lines of business if required to value add where specialist resources are required depending on the project requirements.

Where we do what we do

We are able to provide our services in any project context

Frame has designed, managed and worked on a diverse range of data centre, technology and construction projects in roles extending from strategy, planning to schematic and detailed design. Frame has demonstrable experience as design manager working in the interests of our clients to deliver value and results expected. We can then look to our other business units by following through to implementation and construction management activities with our partners.

Some key recent high value projects that Frame Critical has successfully undertaken are as follows:

  • Large scale re-use and modernisation projects
  • Full design and planning, construction and project management in both property and technology context
  • Design and productisation of containerised modular data centre units
  • Specialised plant and power modules
  • Infrastructure master planning
  • End of life planning, strategy and proactive issues management whether tactical or strategic
  • Greenfield and brownfield strategic and technical planning for medium and large data centre investments (whether corporate, collocation, carrier wholesale, internet wholesale)

These projects have been in the following industry sectors:

  • Large International Airports and transportation hubs
  • Telecommunications facilities
  • Large financial institutions
  • Construction and property projects
  • Government Infrastructure

Our Projects

“We provide the best experience for each service we provide to our clients”

Sydney processing centre

Case Study – Strategic | Designed | Managed – focus on availability for a key financial institution

The design deconstructs the traditional data centre topology and re-assembles it to provide a simpler, more reliable model which requires less plant space and lower energy to run, making it one of Australia’s most efficient data centres.

This enabled an extremely cost effective alternative to expensive and complex migrations and provided better business outcomes in relation to long term operations. The design is portable to their other facilities to ensure operational standardisation and to allow fast turn around when end of life upgrades are required at those facilities.

Design features and requirements required were leading edge and enabled the client to pioneer innovation and differentiation for their business and leadership in their industry, whilst achieving recognition by winning regional industry awards in several categories for the design.

Mechanical system approach saw Frame nominated as a Finalist in the 2016 AIRAH award for Excellence in Innovation, and as Winner of the award in 2017 for best HVAC retrofit & upgrade.

The Processing Centre in Sydney is the most critical facility that this major financial institution relies upon. The design Frame provided for the modernisation of the facility utilises Frame’s mechanical displacement ventilation philosophy. This, together with fully converged and modular power train system combined with other new technology to ensure a holistic modernisation approach. This provides our client with new data hall spaces that enable a simple and seamless migration and consolidation from legacy systems to the new, and another 20 – 30 years of cost effective use of an existing facility. Effectively we built a new Data Centre within an existing one, without interruption to critical operations, and reusing all of the embodied energy in the existing building.

Barangaroo Sydney Technology master plan

Case Study – master plan has created a blueprint which the client can use for future campus projects

Frame’s Technology master plan minimises impact on the environment as it uses ecologically sustainable design principles for efficiencies in operating the technology.

The master plan consolidates, rationalises and reduces duplicate infrastructure. It increases the resilience, reliability and flexibility of existing communications infrastructure which will be incorporated into the network. An optimised campus network cross the technologies and physical facility, it will deliver tangible savings in capital expenditure during the design and construction phase, and will reduce operating costs because the ICT infrastructure serves both property and technology services.

By anticipating and designing for change rather than provisioning specific technologies, Frame has helped to future-proof the ICT infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of workplace, retail and residential environments.

The design enables each building and building cluster to have independent survivability so that buildings can function autonomously in the event of a disruption at the network core.

Barangaroo South is an exciting new business, retail and residential development in Sydney’s CBD. Developer Lend Lease promises to make it one of the most technically advanced and sustainable business precincts in the world. ICT plays a crucial part in achieving this vision, and in establishing Barangaroo South as a new financial services hub. The brief for Barangaroo South is to provide unprecedented technology opportunities for everyone who lives in, works at, and visits the precinct: commercial and retail tenants, employees and customers, residents and visitors.

Uptime Accredited Tier Designers

Frame Critical has UTI ATD on staff for complex Data Centre design

The Uptime Institute (UTI) provides the only Industry recognised Tiering design criteria for Data Centre availability, resilience & redundancy. These criteria are now the standard universally adopted by the Data Centre industry. Whether a Data Centre project is to be certified by the UTI or not, all clients will demand minimum levels of Tier compliance in accordance with the Tier the facility is required to meet.

This enables all Frame designs to meet full Uptime Institute specifications, whether or not certification is required, nor does it matter the Tier level required, as all designs will have proven characteristics to ensure they are fit for purpose, tested and resilient. Tier III and Tier IV data centre specifications offer full concurrent maintenance with redundant components and dual distribution paths and are extremely complex to ensure compliance without rework. The accreditation of our staff will ensure these complex designs can progress without onerous review and re-work should peer or other reviews be required at further project stages, as well as ensure costs and budgets are properly estimated at the earliest stage.

Industry awards & nominations

Our work has been recognised across our industry

Structuring for the Future

A keen eye to the Future

Frame has a clear view of the changing Telecommunications and ICT markets. Our industry is undergoing a major transformation. Frame will always exceed expectations and has a highly focused Infrastructure Solutions business to meet this future need, with multiple complimentary capabilities that are structured to provide new and effective approaches to the products and services you need for high value added, turnkey Infrastructure, installed & operated.

Frame has an infrastructure eco-system consisting of highly innovative solutions to meet our partners and client’s business objectives. We will also provide value and clarity to emerging Edge Computing architectures.

The Frame Fringe businesses unlock the future of the Edge – simplified to ensure your business can focus on the revenue generation whilst Frame’s Fringe suite provides the platforms and infrastructure you need for speed to market and efficient provisioning of new products.


Market Engagement, Solutions, Services, Control & Intelligence layer:

FringeCompute provides technology integration services in conjunction with FringeConnect small DC modules to assist our clients & partners with:

  • Turnkey solutions with single point accountability
  • Enabling interconnection
  • Network design and build
  • Application specific processing
  • Storage and Storage Services
  • Server & Compute Blocks, Virtualisation, NFV, SDN, SDDC
  • Provide Cloud orchestration, transition, data transfer etc.
  • Scale current networks or systems
  • Manage, Operate & Maintain FringeConnect modules

FringeCompute provides a robust services and technology layer to make the Fringe solution set fully ready to run to achieve the network demands of the new edge functionality requirements and industry leading integration objectives.


Planning, Reliability, Enclosures & Structures, Logistics:

FringeConnect is the platform for our partners and clients to enable their business at the new edge which may be:

  • Customised containerised Small Data Centre Modules
  • Carriage (Carrier or Enterprise)
  • Wireless networks (Carrier or Enterprise)
  • A flexible, accountable, turnkey, design, deliver, operate model
  • Internal cost reduction enablement
  • Providing physical connectivity break-out, peering,
  • New Businesses, Start-ups or Technology Incubators
  • Multi Tenant small modules, application specific modules
  • NFV modules

Simple guaranteed solutions for the physical elements of the industry move to the ‘Edge’ unleashing the enormous potential for new service delivery and applications requiring ultra low latency for emerging technologies and those future services not currently developed.


Ultra efficiency, Maximum Compute Density:

ImmerCool will seek and utilise one phase direct liquid cooling solutions that will enable the highest density, lowest power usage computing and processing ability of our small Fringe modules. Direct liquid cooling solutions enable:

  • Compute resources with no fans
  • Servers not needing to have moving parts
  • Reduction in cooling power by over 70% in all cases
  • A massive density and processing power increase in a significantly smaller space
  • Moving to very high density small space with minimal risk

ImmerCool will design, integrate and build solutions for customers utilising Immersion Cooling systems that will lower energy costs, reduce CE and UE power and operational cost, and improve overall network Energy efficiency in networks they are operating in.

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